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After 50 rather long entries since January the 19th, it has come to my attention the sheer amount of personal details I have floating around on the open internet. I am switching all my entries over to friends only for security purposes. I will add people as friends on the conditions that a) I have met you, b) I trust you, and c) I don't hate you.
i hope I classify as one of those - I'm enjoying reading yr journal
ohhhhh - yet you post a pile of photoso of you on the public one? :P :P lol

hope life is ok itchy mitchy
I guess this means you trust me and dont hate me :)
also i've a) met you. Once at Skandalous with Adele, the other time after the pro-gay-marriage rally when we all went to The Court.
Yes, I do remember you, on both occasions :)
I'm not your friend, don't add me, you cunt.